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King Prawn Green 3kg

King Salmon Whole Round Fresh FS

Ling Fillets Frozen 2kg Family Pack

A NZ fish airlifted from NZ fresh and processed in our processing facilities in Townsville .  
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Mangrove Jack Fillets Fresh FS

Mangrove Jack Fresh TR

Mangrove Jack fillets available fresh daily to the Supermarket/catering trade. Supply subject to availability. 
Minimum buy 5kg 
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Mangrove Jack Whole Round FS

Moreton Bay Bugs Cooked Frozen Family Pack 2kg - Retail

Cooked Moreton bay Bugs packed in a 2kg family pack. Only $25.00 per kg. Order online Home delivered or pickup in store. Check "What you need to know" for delivery details. 
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NZ Oysters Frozen

NZ Oysters Frozen 
WOHJ JUMBO 6DOZ        $112.80 per carton 
WOHJJ JUMBO JUMBO 5DOZ $102.50 per carton 
WOHL LARGE 10doz       $151
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Pacific Half shell Oyster Frozen Tray Pack TR

Frozen Pacific Half Shell Oyster packed in a 1 dozen tray. Supplied 6 x 1 Dozen per carton 
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Pacific Oysters Frozen

Pacific Oysters from NZ  
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Queen Fish Whole Round Fresh FS

Red Emperor Whole Round FS

Wildcaught Red Emperor caught in the prestine waters of northern Australia 
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Redspot Emperor Fillets TR

Redspot Emperor filleted daily. Subject to availability 
Minimum buy 1kg 
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RTE Fillets Fresh FS

Saddletail Snapper (Nannagai) Whole G&G Fresh FS

Saddletail Snapper Fillet Fresh TR

Fresh Saddletail Snapper fillets available to the Supermarkt/catering trade daily. Supply subject to availability. Minimum buy 1kg 
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Saddletail Snapper fillets Fresh FS

Saddletail Snapper Fresh TR

Scallop Meat FM

Queensland Scallop Meat packed on a 200gram cryovaced tray. Available from the farmers market at North Shore, Townsville, Farmers Market Proserpine and Yungaburra Markets. Also available at your local independant supermarket.  
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Stripey Bass Whole Round FS

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