About Us

Seafood4you.com.au is the seafood website for the Harbourside Group of Companies and incorporates our online sales business through the seafood4you.com.au logon and our commercial and trade business through the harboursidepremium.com.au logon.  
The Harbourside Group of companies have been associated with the Queensland and Australian Seafood industry for the past 23 years. 
The company is based in North Queensland where it operates substantial coldstore warehousing and seafood processing facilities, berthing and unloading facilities, transport distribution infrastructure and fishing operations.    
Harbourside supplies seafood to the restaurant and food service sector from Mackay in the south to Cairns in the north through its fresh and frozen catering range of products which also includes a range of imported products. 
Harbourside is a supplier of fresh and frozen seafood to the major supermarket chains and also produces a range of fresh and frozen seafood products for the independant supermarkets. 
Harbourside operates under strict Quality Assurance arrangements and currently holds certification for SQF Code, Woolworths WQA, AQIS Export AA, Safefood Queensland and is a member of iCiX (Internation Compliance Information Exchange) 
The fishing arm of the group is Tropic Ocean Prawns Australia which is owned by Harbourside's major shareholder Ron Earle and operates three Prawn trawlers in the Northern Prawn Fishery of Northern Australia. 
The directors of Harbourside, Ron Earle, Peter Hinsch, Tony Murray and Ben Titley have had a lifelong association with the fishing industry and bring a wealth of experience to the business. 
The business is operated by an experienced group of dedicated people including: 
Peter Hinsch             Managing Director  
                         Joint General Manager 
Michael OBrien           Joint General Manager 
                         Fleet Master Tropic Ocean Prawns Australia  
Ben Titley               Director 
Tony Murray              Import / Export 
Di Langstone             Supermarket Sales 
Christine Arnold         Sales Manager 
Nikki Ferguson            Administration 
Peter Waters              Sales Cairns and Townsville 
The directors welcome all participants in the Seafood trade to the site.