Recipes 3



Serves 4 - Prep. Time 20 minutes Cook Time: 12 minutes 


8x120gm thin white fish fillets - we recommend Grey Mackerel or 
   Any of the Snappers - Saddletail, Golden 
3 eggs 
1 tblsp olive oil 
3 cups fresh breadcrumbs (or "Panko" breadcrumbs v. crunchy - look for them in the Japanese food aisle in your supermarket - they're great) 
2 tblsps finely grated lemon rind 
2 tblsps chopped fresh parsley 
2 tblsps chopped fresh dill 
some plain flour for dusting fish (add salt and pepper for xtra flavour) 
Extra light olive oil, for shallow frying. 
Potato mash, steamed green beans and lemon wedges, to serve. 

Tartare Sauce

1 cup of good quality egg mayonnaise (we recommend Paul Newmans) 
2 tblsps fresh parsely leaves 
2 tblsps fresh dill chopped 
2 tblsps capers, patted dry 
10 baby gherkins drained and chopped finely 
cracked black pepper to taste. 


1. Pat fillets dry with absorbent kitchen paper.   
2. Combine eggs and oil in a shallow dish.   Combine breadcrumbs, rind and herbs in a separate shallow dish. 
3. Toss fish in flour, shake away excess.  Dip in egg mixture, then coat in crumb mixture, pressing crumbs on lightly. 
4.  Cook fish in three batches - over medium to high heat for shallow frying.        Cook for 2 minutes or until golden brown.  Turn fish over and cook for another 2 minutes and fish flakes easily when tested in the thickest part with a fork. 
5. During cooking time - make tartare sauce. 
6. Serve fish with tartare sauce, potato mash, steamed green beans and lemon wedges. 
ENJOY - Delicious.